NAPOLEON – Courtesy Post – 626 222 8352

Meet Napoleon, a lively 4-month-old German Shepherd/Belgian Shepherd Mix eagerly awaiting his forever home.

Napoleon is currently in a foster home where he’s receiving excellent care and attention. He’s already showing promising signs of becoming a well-rounded companion.

In his foster home, Napoleon has proven to be a sociable pup. He gets along well with both large and small dogs, as well as cats, showcasing his friendly and adaptable nature. His crate training is progressing smoothly, and he’s also learning the ropes of potty training with dedication.

Due to his breed, Napoleon is expected to be very trainable and  intelligent. With consistent training and positive reinforcement, he’ll thrive in a home that provides mental stimulation and challenges.

With his adorable appearance and endearing demeanor, Napoleon is sure to steal your heart. If you’re ready to open your home to a loving and intelligent companion, consider giving Napoleon the forever home he deserves. With the right family, he’ll blossom into a loyal and cherished member of the household.