Meet Lady Belle is a remarkable 2-year-old mixed breed, and while her exact lineage remains a mystery, we see hints of grace in her like a Greyhound, the warmth of a Golden Retriever aka “A Limited Addition” which is highlighted by her captivating baby blues.

Currently in a foster home with two other large dogs, Lady Belle is discovering the joy of play and camaraderie. Her resilience is remarkable; she was rescued from a high-kill shelter in LA, where her kennel-mate overpowered her and ate her food, leaving her a bit underweight. Thankfully with the love and care of her foster family, she is now at her ideal weight.

Belle is an absolute sweetheart with a heart full of love and impressive recall skills. When it’s time to rest, she will sleep independently on her cozy bed all night. Belle is also housebroken and well-behaved with familiar furry friends.

Belle is currently working on managing her enthusiasm on walks as she can show extra excitement around new dogs. With this being said, she is showing signs of being trainable as she already knows “sit” and “down” and is eagerly learning the art of “leave it.”

This playful pup adores games like fetch and keep-away, and she can’t get enough of daily walks and plenty of affection. While she might exhibit some food and resource guarding tendencies with other dogs, she’s incredibly trusting of her human family. Belle’s happy demeanor is evident in her playful antics. She love nothing more than swinging her butt around like a stegosaurus and has the most charming bow that is an irresistible invitation to play.

Belle is the kind of companion who’s always up for an adventure. If you’re ready to share your life with an affectionate and clever canine, Belle is waiting to make memories with you.

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