Meet Gianna, a beautiful 40lb heeler mix with a heart full of love. Her journey began when she was found lying in a bush, heavily pregnant and exhausted. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan took her in just in time, and Gianna quickly gave birth to seven healthy puppies.

She has been a fantastic Mother to her seven puppies who are now fully grown and beginning to be adopted.

Gianna herself is now settled in a foster home with other dogs and teenage children where she is showing her true sweet nature. She is not the usual high energy heeler but she instead is on the reserved, gentle side.

Gianna is fantastic with other dogs when properly introduced, older children, and women, though she can be a bit shy with men at first but warms up with a little time.

Gianna is looking for someone who will give her the time, care, and understanding she truly deserves.

She will make a wonderful best friend, as she is house-trained and knows some basic commands. Gianna also has a few favorite treats, like carrots and apples, which she enjoys munching on.

Gianna is eager to find her forever family and share her love and companionship.

To apply to give Gianna a loving home click this application link :