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Meet Beyonce, 14-week-old Lab Mix:

Beyonce’s story began tragically when she was abandoned by her owner in an overcrowded high-kill shelter, suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection. In such shelters, unhealthy puppies like Beyonce stand very little chance of survival due to limited resources. Thankfully, a committed foster stepped forward to save her.

Under the loving care of her foster home, which includes other dogs and cats, Beyonce has made a remarkable recovery from her illness. She’s feeling much better now and is ready to embark on her journey to find her forever home.

Beyonce’s personality is now shining through brightly. She’s a happy, playful puppy who loves nothing more than chasing her ball and cuddling her stuffed toys. As she’s still a puppy, Beyonce will be great with both adults and children, eager to bring joy and love into her new family’s life. If you’re looking for a loyal companion and a bundle of joy, Beyonce is the perfect match for you.

To apply to give Beyonce a loving home click this link to application link


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