Although Callie was with us for just under 3 years, she made quite the impression on everyone she met. Rest well, sweet girl!

Barbara and Walter


Odin was a very special part of our family for 16 years. He will be missed by everybody he put his sweet paws on.

Gini and Scott


TAZ – The Cat Whisperer – Rest in Peace sweet Boy.




Quinny and Kody lived until 13 and 15 and lived their best lives on earth and transitioned to Pup Heaven together so that they never had to know a day without each other❤️



For 10 years she was the best dog. Very loving and very much the momma always scolding Jax the Mastiff when he wasn’t minding his manners.
She had probably been bred so many times.
Every time she heard the cry of a puppy on TV, her ears perked up and she looked around for a pup.
Thank you to Kevin for pulling her from OC shelter! (She never forgot and remembered him always)

Rest in Peace sweet Trudy

Karen Degrandmaison.


Ariel was rescued from the shelter in Irvine 10 years ago. She was almost 15 when she went over the Rainbow Bridge. She was the sweetest and most gentle dog ever. She went on almost all of our vacations and brought us more joy than words can describe. She will be in our hearts forever.

        Lisa & Jeff Jameson



It’s been a very sad time,  little Trixie has left us so early.

A promise 4 paws puppy



We rescued Shakira, AKA Kira from Orange County Shelter on her last few days, they said her eyes scared them. After sitting just outside her kennel for five minutes she came up to bars and kissed me on the check, I knew immediately she was going to be a great dog. She was the most amazing dog with a very  calm demeanor, she became our greeting dog, on arrival she made other new dogs relax, telling them you are safe here. Certainly one of our most favorite pups, she is dearly missed.


Sue and Kevin


Millie was with us for 14 Years, she really was one of our nicest and much loved pups.

Always there to greet us at the door with a happy face and a wiggly tail.

Sadly her best friend Shakira Passed away several months later. Both are dearly missed.

Sue and Kevin Walshe