SADIE – adoption pending

3 year old Female German Shepherd weighing about 55 lbs

Rescued from a high kill shelter on her last day.

Gets along well with all dogs, People and kids.

Very sweet and playful, home with a yard for her to run and play would be perfect.





Pavel is a 3 year old very sweet Male Boxer Mix weighing about 45 lbs.

He is Spayed and up to date on all shots.

He is good with People, Kids and other dogs, unfortunately he can no longer stay with the immediate family after owner died.

If you would like to meet him complete online application below.

  • personality traits.
    Friendly Affectionate | Gentle | Loyal | Playful | Curious |

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Moka is a 10 month old Female Terrier Mix weighing about 18 lbs. She is Spayed and up to date on all shots.

She is good with People, Kids and other dogs, unfortunately she can no longer stay with her family.

If you would like to meet her complete online application below.

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Aspen is a young pure German shepherd, she would do great with another young similar size dog who likes to play. She would do best in a family with older kids and a nice size yard to play in.

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Pluto is a Male Catahoula/Shepherd Mix weighing about 90 lbs. of jolly good fun!! he needs a family that likes to play outside, go for runs and enjoy the sleepy snuggles afterwards. Pluto is only nine months old and might still grow a little bit more. He’s already been neutered and vaccinated and micro chipped.  Pluto loves kids and cats. He is very playful and sweet. He’s been friends with smaller dogs. He still needs to get to know a larger dog.  Pluto needs some training so that he can learn how to be a good big dog.  Right now he still acts like a little puppy.   Pluto is responsive to training techniques and has a lot of potential.

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ROMEO courtesy posting

Romeo is an 18 month old  neutered Male Yellow Lab Mix weighing about 70 lbs

Romeo was rescued by a good samaritan as a stray. They held him for 3 weeks while searching for owners. Is now in a foster home waiting for his furever home

Good with People, Kids, all dogs big or small, house trained, Neutered and all shots.

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Leroy is a 7 month old Male Lab Mix weighing about 35 lbs He is a beautiful, calm, smart, happy, and athletic puppy! Leroy is very loving and sensitive to those around. Leroy has a very mild temperament. Leroy likes to cuddle, play with his toys, fetch, go to dog park, walks, other animals, and people. He is very social! He remembers every dog and every street and where they live and will want to stop by and say hi. Leroy will cuddle up next to me and my son on the couch and hang out with us. He enjoys going to my son’s football games and watching him and the other kids play. Leroy is just the best! He is going to be the coolest adult dog, he will do well in a home where he has a yard and gets to play with other dogs. Leroy is tall and lean. He will be good size once he is fully grown. But a most beautiful mix as he has the cutest whiskers and this little patch of salty hair on his chest. He is adorable in every way. He has gone to doggy training beginning level and learned several commands he is good at like: Leave it, drop it, Yes, come, sit, focus.

Personality Traits:

Friendly, Affectionate, Loyal< Playful, Smart, Curios, Funny, Athletic, Loves Kisses

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Harper is a 20 month Spayed Female Shepherd/Kelpie Mix weighing about 45 lbs.

Good with other dogs, People and kids over 10, she is house & crate trained and walks well on leash.

personality traits

Friendly|Affectionate | Loyal  | Playful | Smart | Loves Kisses |





Weston is a 1 yr old Neutered Male Yellow Lab/Hound Mix weighing 50 lbs.

Wes was Dumped/Abandoned and left to survive in a remote area until rescued by a Good Samaritan.

He is eager to please and responds well to commands. He is energetic and active and would do well with an active family who likes to play, go for walks, and will integrate him in the family routine.

Personality traits:  Affectionate, Playful, Smart, Curious, Funny, Athletic, Loves kisses.

To meet Wes please complete our online application.

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3 year old Neutered Shepherd/Dane Mix weighing about 90 lbs.

Lived on 2 acres running free with 2 other dogs. would do well with older children, loves attention and is very friendly and affectionate. Not good with cats.