Meet Ivan a 4 months old, Chihuahua mix, weighing in at a mere 8 pounds. Ivan is a spirited puppy with a heart as big as his brother Bradley’s. Like Bradley, Ivan was rescued from a high-kill shelter alongside their mom, embarking on a journey of hope and resilience. Despite his young age, Ivan radiates boundless energy and puppy charm. 

He’s a playful bundle of joy who thrives on cuddles and affection. Ivan’s friendly disposition extends to everyone he meets, making him the perfect companion for other dogs and children of all ages. Are you ready to welcome Ivan into your home and heart? This delightful pup is waiting to bring laughter and love into your life.

Breed: Chihuahua Mix

Gender: Male

Size: Will reach approx. 15 lbs

Color:  White with a pink nose

Energy level and personality:  Active and playful 

Kids: I like all kids

Dogs: I like all dogs

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