ARBY [ Archie ]

P4P rescued me after I ended up in a shelter. I’m hoping to find a new family that loves walking and long hikes as I’m very athletic and can run like the wind. My foster mom says I’m very playful, running up and down her hallway with a soft toy, rolling around on my back like a free spirit. I understand when my foster mom has to work in her office, I lay down on a blanket with my bone, although I would like for her to play. I learned not to jump on the furniture unless she is with me and says it’s ok.

I like my crate at bedtime but will also use it when no one is at home.

I get along with most other dogs as long as they are respectful of my space. I like to chase Squirrels, rabbits and cats.

Oh, by the way my foster mom calls my Archie which I like.