Hello! I’m Gemma, and am a 5-7 yr old female Pit Bull mix. I was rescued from the East coast where I was chained and locked in a basement by a breeder. I have had many puppy litters- perhaps 15 or more. I stopped counting when they kept taking my babies away. One day, I courageously chewed my way out of my chains. I did wear down a few teeth in the process but it was worth that. That life was no life for me. The dentist says my teeth are fine though and I have no problem being a good eater at my foster home! My foster mom Gayle has been so awesome- she’s shown me lots of new things like sunshine, what a soft and cozy bed feels like (who knew?!) and how much fun toys can be. I’ve never experienced such wonderful things before and I’m so grateful. I love taking walks and do that well. I also love other dogs, and hope that someone will love me too. Despite my harsh treatment, I am still ready to love and am a sweet girl who loves to play. Please consider taking me home by filling at an adoption application at!