She is sweet, people loving, child loving, dog loving  2-3 who was rescued from Devore Animal Shelter by LA adopt Rescue and is currently in a wonderful foster where she has received training from and where she has fun daily with dogs of all types and sizes. She says it would take a lot for her to ever want to leave this dog sanctuary where she now resides. Her foster mom describes this girl as: “very sweet, playful yet calm at the same time.” Cali is not dog reactive and she walks by cats without incident. She has had some training and walks on a leash.

     In the summer of 2019 Cali, was dumped at Devore and her puppies were taken from her. At the high kill shelter for over a month she received no walks as the shelter does not allow walks for any of their animals. Cali was heartbroken and had kennel cough and listened night and day to dogs barking and crying in the heat of July in the Ca desert. In spite of all this, when I first saw her she wagged her tail and made her way up to her cell bars to give kisses and say hello.  I’ll admit it, she had me at hello! She is an unassuming, dear mama who adores just sitting next to you or putting her head or paw on your lap. She is great with dogs larger and smaller than herself, and she loves kids and cuddling.

     Cali is in good health, and she has a few requests. She needs a home with another dog or two. She needs a home where the owners realize she has been through hell and she gets a little justifiably nervous when her people leave her.  She hopes her adoptive family would have someone usually home and they would not leave her overnight or for long hours without a kind sitter. Cali deserves a person/family who will love her the way she deserves to be loved. If you are that person, please inquire about Cali. She is one in a million, and she will capture your heart if you meet her.